Ted's Tools of the Trade

Ted of Circles talks to us about how the end result can be more important than your guitar.

Tim's Tasty Guitars

Tim tells us about cutting down his collection to those guitars that matter.

Oden and the Oni

Oden tells us about his Oni and his other guitars that are now dead to him.

From Bass to Guitar

We chat with Ben of Circles about his transition from bass to guitar, and his collection.

Pete's PRS Pair

We talk with Pete of Acolyte about his pair of PRS guitars.

Covering All Basses

A talk with Paul of Melbourne band Anna Salen and his mix of basses.


This week we chat with all the boys strumming strings in Interim

Japanese Pearls

A chat with TJ of Melbourne rock band LUNG about his Japanese models.

A Pair Of Beautiful Basses

In our first bassist interview we talk with Chris of Melbourne rock band Arakeye.

A Local and a Foreigner

We talk with Ross about his two beauties, one from a local maker that is no longer producing guitars.

A PRS Collection To Envy

We talk to Andrew about his beautiful collection of PRS guitars that anyone would be lucky to have just one of.